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Developmental WAG Program

Gymnastics is the foundation for all physical activity and sports. The Developmental Program requires a 10-month commitment. This program is by invitation only and on a year to year basis. The programs provide a solid base for the development of physical literacy. It also ensures that young athletes are well-equipped and confident to pursue another sport, should competitive gymnastics not be suitable them.

Athletes in the Developmental Program will be streamed according to their athletic potential on a yearly basis. This could include invitations to the Competitive program, Interclub, GFA or recommendations to another sport.

Attendance, attitude, coachability, work ethic, physical and skill testing throughout the year will be used to assess the athlete suitability to continue in the program.

Areas of development include:

  • Physical preparation - strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination
  • Cognitive development - space and body awareness, establishing patterning and problem solving
  • Social development - confidence, communication, self-awareness and managing emotions

Athletes in the Developmental Programs are evaluated on a regular basis and are not guaranteed placements in the Competitive or Interclub Programs. Selection to advanced programs or to return to Developmental is done annually through an assessment and tryout process usually though summer camp training in August.

Strength & Flexibility Testing

The strength and flexibility testing is an in-house tool Coaches are using to track an Athlete's progress and trends. By testing the Athletes in those areas, we use the results to build a suitable program for each individual. It also helps with injury prevention and long-term Athlete Development.

If Athletes test seems discouraging, please understand that this particular testing is used for all athletes 5 and up all the way up to a National level. It is a testing program being used throughout the entire career of an Athlete.

As athletes increase exposure to the sport, conditioning and flexibility training scores will increase over time.