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Program flow chart

Developmental Program

Interclub Program

Competitive Program

Highschool Program

Program & Coaching Philosophy

" The secret to success is consistency in one’s purpose"

Gymnastics is a specialized sport that demands hours of hard work, repetition, dedication and coaching expertise at every level. Our programs are delivered by highly qualified, successful and ambitious coaches. In addition to the required National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) certification, many of our coaching staff have advanced education in the sport or other related fields. We provide the best possible training environment for athletes at all levels. Our coaching team works together to determine the right placements and pathways for athletes at all ages and abilities that will promote their athletic success. We believe in supporting athletes in becoming the best they can be at their level of time and commitment.

It is recognized that not every athlete has the drive, determination, fearlessness, mental skills or physical attributes required for high level sport, thus Chimo offers other programs more suited to athletes who want to excel at the level appropriate for them. As with our coaches, it is expected that no matter at what level an athlete trains and competes, they will be committed and determined to achieve the greatest results possible both on and off the competition floor. It is important to note that each level of development has different needs and requirements and will vary throughout an athlete’s career. Each level has its own emphasis.

At the base programs of the Club; High School, Interclub, Developmental and JO 1-5 programs the demands of the sport are far less than those at the optional levels. Athletes invited to these Chimo Programs train between four and twelve hours per week and require a strong base of physical preparation and flexibility training. Skill acquisition will take longer due to the number of hours they train. These programs are focused on physical literacy and fitness and are not intended for competition preparation. At this level, the demands of time and commitment are more than that of our GFA programs but far less than Optional programs.

As athlete’s progress or are selected (often self-selected) into various levels of sport, the demands and resources used to support them increase and ratios may decrease. You may observe athletes training longer on some apparatus than on others. Each athlete has an individual plan that requires strategic and targeted preparation based on their preparation/competition plan. At times, primary coaches in the gym will be away at training camps, competitions or meetings at this time or based on other factors athletes may be moved in other groups to be coached. This is at the discretion of the technical staff.

Training times and days before a competition are almost always modified. Rest and recovery (time off) post competition will be individualized. At certain times of the season, specialized training outside of the gym may be required as part of an athlete’s development and preparation. This may include nutritional consultations, specialized dance or conditioning training amongst some of the recommendations from the staff.

If you have any questions regarding the program your child has been selected or invited to, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s coach.