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As illness is going around our community, we will do our best to keep classes running, and kids participating and will only cancel classes as a last resort.
If that happens, emails will go out immediately to families, please make sure your contact info is up to date!
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Name: Saskia

Saskia has been at Chimo for 12 years and is a WAG coach and the WAG Program Coordinator. If she was trapped on a desert Island she would want there to be apples, her favorite activity outside of the gym is traveling the world and working out. Her childhood nickname is Sas and she currently has 2 cats


Name: Kelly

Kelly has been at Chimo for 10 years as a parent, and 4 years as a Coach. If he was trapped on a desert island the food he would want would be sushi, his favorite activity outside of the gym is watching movies, exploring the Island, and playing music all with his lovely family. He has too many childhood nicknames to list and currently has 15 fish. The best part of coaching for him is working with kids, which he loves. Kelly grew up in the gymnastics world and competed until he was 23 yrs old. His daughter Hannah has been in gym since she was 2 and competes, and now learning to be a coach.

 Name: Riley

Riley has been at Chimo for 7 years. If he was trapped on a desert island he would want there to be Perogies to eat. When Riley isn't in the gym he loves to play sports, mostly Soccer, Volleyball and board sports. His nickname is Rye-Guy and currently has 2 cats, Percy and Apollo. Riley is passionate about coaching and passing on knowledge and helping someone learn something new is one of the best feelings ever. Riley has played soccer most of his life. He was also a sponsor snowboarder at 14 until 16 yrs old. He plays professionally a video game called Brawlhalla, and placed top 32 in the world championships in the past 3  years. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and has live in Comox his whole life. Coaching is the best, and helping athletes achieve their goals is awesome.


Name: Malaiah

Bio to Come

Name: Liliya

Liliya has been an athlete at Chimo for 6 years and just started as a CIT (Coach in Training). If she was trapped on a desert island she would want potatoes, cooked all kinds of ways. She loves to eat, doesn't have a nickname but does live with 3 cats and 2 dogs. Having a little sister and helping her has fostered a love of coaching early on for Liliya. She has been in gymnastics since she was 3 years old, first in White Rock and then in Chimo when her family moved here. She loves gymnastics and the group of friends she has here.



Name: Lindsay

Lindsay has been at Chimo for 2 years, but coaching for 17 years. She is the Chimo Events and Recreational Program Coordinator. If she was trapped on a desert island she would want to eat seafood. Her favourite activity outside the gym is participating in Fitness classes, and hanging out with her family and their 2 year old Rottie, Scottie. She is a huge Blue Jays fan, and loves watching their games.  Lindsay loves coaching and making an impact in the lives of her athletes.


Name: Troy

Troy has been coaching with Chimo for 11 years. If he was trapped on a desert island he would want there to be Lasagna to eat. Outside of coaching Troy loves to bike and game. He currently not only lives with his 3 sons and lovely wife, but 1 dog, 10 fish and 1 lizard. Troy loves to coach as it is so rewarding helping athletes acquire skills and work through problems. Troy was a downhill mountain biker and martial arts artist, and Traceur before being persuaded into Coaching, but once he was in the gym he fell in love with Gymnastics and hasn't looked back since. He loves his family and when he is not coaching he enjoys every minute of being with them.


Name: Jessie

Jessie has been coaching at Chimo for 2 years. If she was trapped on a desert island, Pomegranates would be a must have. When she isn't coaching Jessie loves being outdoors, rock climbing and surfing. Her nickname is Jess. Her favourite part of coaching is working with the kids, helping them to achieve skills and encouraging them along the way.


Name: Jaelyn

Jaelyn was a athlete at Chimo for years before retiring and taking a break, she returned to the gym Summer 2022. If she was stranded on a desert island she would need to have Pasta. Outside of coaching she is an avid reader and photographer, her nickname is Fish and she lives with 1 dog and 1 cat. She likes to bake and cook and has perfected a Chocolate chip cookie recipe that is to die for. She looks forward to travelling the world, but for now loves coaching. Watching and helping the kid learn new skills and grow is the best part of Coaching.

Name: Laeni

Laeni has been a Chimo athlete for 8 years and has just started as a CIT (Coach in Training) If she was trapped on a desert island, Pizza would keep her alive. If she isn't at the gym she is hanging with friends and biking. She currently lives with 1 hampster and 1 jack russell dog. She has been participating in gymnastics since pre school, starting in Port Alberni and continuing when her family move to the Comox Valley. Coaching has always been something she has wanted to do, and is looking forward to using her athlete "lens" to help kids learn, improve and love gymnastics the way she does.