Teen Rec

Continue to explore the wonderful world of gymnastics and your own personal development.  Still based on the national Can-Gym program we have modified for greater individual choice.​​

School Field Trips

A marvellous opportunity to allow your class to explore and learn about the wonderful world of gymnastics. Our facility is very well equipped and provides a great setting for learning. Prices are per child and vary with how you block the time.  We can do more with a block of 4 lessons than we can with a single lesson.6-14 Years old. 

Tuesdays 1:00-2:00pm, Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm and Fridays 12:30-1:30pm or 1:30-2:30pm

Up to 20 participants:                       21-31 participants:

1 class = $125                                         1 class = $175

2 classes = $250                                     2 classes = $300

3 classes = $375                                     3 classes = $425

4 classes = $500                                     4 classes = $550

FALL 2019


This is a structured programme designed to improve fitness and body positions required for the development of new skills. Athletes will then use these skills in routines with opportunities to perform in front of adjudicators at some island competitions. 4 hour Commitment

*must register for both days.

Thurs 4:30-6:30 (Jr.) 6:30-8:30 (Sr.)

& Sun 12:30-2:30

email chimogymnastics@shaw.ca for registration package.

Or call Chimo at 250 941 0067.

CanGym Programs:

Girls Only, Boys Only and Co-ed, Special Programs

High School Gymnastics 13+ years

A basic competitive program which allows high school age girls to compete and represent their school.  

Must register for both days. 6 or 8 hour Commitment.

Note: these classes have a monthly payment option

Tramp & Tumbling 2  (10+ years)

This class is for older, more experienced students. Equipment will be utilized to refine and develop the skills learned in T&T 1. Prerequisite T&T 1 and/or permission of the Program Director.

Girls Advanced Rec 

Continued Advancement on the apparatus using a modified version of the CanGym program.

Home School Gymnastics 

This class will follow the CanGym programming like the Recreational classes. Depending on registration numbers, participants will be divided by age and skill level  whenever possible.

Parkour **NEW**

8-12 years (Sunday) and 13- 17 years (Monday)

Turning everyday objects into a resource for fun and fitness. Certified instructors will safely teach the fundamentals of this creative sport using flips, rotations, safety falls, and other means of locomotion. No size, skill, or experience required.

Intermediate/Advance Girls

This program will advance the skills taught in introductory and/ or preschool programs. The focus is on mastering fundamental skills on mens or womens gymnastics apparatus. It will meet the needs of the class but focus on levels 3-8 (Tan, Bronze, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Silver) of the CanGym program. 

Adult Gymnastics **NEW**

18 years & up
Instruction available with a focus on those wishing to apply gymnastics training to other activities and overall conditioning; Explore gymnastics whether you are a former gymnast or a complete novice wishing to have some fun with our sport.

Tramp & Tumbling 1 (8-13 years)

Chimo's entry level T&T class: gymnastics, cheerleading, circus arts and martial arts are all areas which incorporate tumbling. Our coaching staff, along with our spring floor, in and out of ground trampolines, tumble track, and foam pit, will help students develop front and back tumbling skills, aerials, and more. 

​​CHIMO Gymnastics

Introductory Girls

CanGym Levels 1-4. (Burgundy, red, tan, bronze)  Skills are taught and refined through mastery of progressions and basic skills at each level. Because of the nature of the program children can be challenged at a variety of levels within the same class. 


1855 Noel Avenue, Comox, BC, Canada



ONLINE: https://chimogymnastics.uplifterinc.com

CHIMO GYMNASTICS: 250 941 0067 or
visit the CHIMO OFFICE at 1855 noel ave comoX

(To help with registration, give class SKU to secretary)​​