​​CHIMO Gymnastics

Advanced Preschool 3-5 years

Increased focus on physical development (strength, flexibility, and agility). Basic gymnastics techniques and progressions will be further developed and implemented. Remember the importance of time and repetition. Pre-School Level 4+ (minimum 3 sessions)​.

Introductory Preschool 3-5 years

Independent classes during which coaches work with the children to develop independence, problem solving, balance, coordination, and confidence.  Learning the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics, sport, and life.  Pre-School levels 1 - 3.​​

​​Independent Tot 2-3 Years

This program promotes independent learning in a safe and structured environment. Children must be able to work without their parents by the third or fourth week, otherwise we recommend moving to a parent and tot class. Pre-requisite: 1 session of Parent & Tot. 

Parent & Tot 1-3 Years

Chimo's parent and tot class is a child-directed, yet structured discovery of the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics. Caregivers lead little ones through the circuits as coaches give active direction, feedback, and encouragement to parents and participants to ensure they get the very most out of their first gymnastics experience. Parents must dress to actively participate. No prerequisite required. Drop in $10.00 if space permits​.

Intermediate Preschool 3-5 years​​Children work more challenging versions of landings, springs, locomotion, statics, and rotations. For children who are ready to refine their movement into basic gymnastic skills.  Mastery at any level depends upon repetition and corrected practice.  Pre-School Levels 3+​.


1855 Noel Avenue, Comox, BC, Canada

Spring 2019

Pre School
How to register:
 Comox recreational center: call: 250 339 2255 or
Visit the office at 1855 Noel Ave Comox​ OR visit our
online registration for your convenience  

(To help with registration, give class # to secretary.)