​CHIMO Gymnastics


1855 Noel Avenue, Comox, BC, Canada




Ford White

Saskia Berndt

Trevor Nagy

Troy Graham

Marisa Livingstone

Kira Magor

Ashley Mosher

Riley McEachnie

Adrian Heemels

Christa Petch

Katherine Windecker

Avi Ursulom

Kyra Carlson

Jenny Auld

Jairus Ball

Sophia Mossie

Leilya Topkin

Elisha Beaulieu

Other Directors:

Jaclyn Stuve

Amanda Woloshyn

Jill Kotapski

​​EXECUTIVE POSITIONS                 

President: Nicolas Brady

​Vice President: Megan Lewis

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Tina Wilson​

PJ Meet Coordinator: Jennifer Fisher 

Fundraising: Vacant

Gaming Director: Nicholas Brady

We believe in children having fun while building self-esteem and confidence through working hard to achieve personal goals. We also believe in working together and supporting one another. We strive to pass on our knowledge and experience to those who share our love for the sport of gymnastics. Chimo's main goal is to develop confidence, principled people. we use gymnastics as a means to that end. Ribbons and medals are incidental to seeking this goal, but they are not the main goal of Chimo Gymnasitcs club. 

Board of directors

Our Philosophy